This blog is a website to provide ongoing support to all teachers in their implementation of the Island Energy Inquiry Curriculum shared in teacher workshops throughout Hawai'i.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hot water captures Sun's energy

Maui teachers store heat in water by using an electric pump, powered by solar energy acting on a photovoltaic panel.  Heat, light, electricity, motion, sound--many forms of energy.

Solar hot water: An old idea that's still current.

Building a solar water heater to explore conversions of the sun's radiant energy.

Renewable energy for Maui

Mayor Arakawa joins our teachers to plan Maui's energy future, and the future of our science students.

Inquiry science for the classroom

This teaching team uses their turbine to explore renewable energies.

Maui IEI Workshop for Teachers

Maui and Lanai teachers team up to develop a wind turbine with expanded polystyrene blades.

IEI Workshop on Maui

Teams of teachers modified blade design as a variable to maximize voltage output from their wind-turbine generators.