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Monday, August 8, 2011

Appropedia: The Sustainability Wiki

Mission: Sharing knowledge to build rich and sustainable lives.

Appropedia is the "Wikipedia" of sustainability. This internationally used site has information on all things sustainable such as detailed descriptions of the different renewable energy technologies, creative new RE inventions, and information on RE projects done all over the world. The name Appropedia comes from the idea of "Appropriate Tehnology". Below is a description of appropriate technology directly from the Appropedia website. Appropedia is a great place to share information and collaborate with others on renewable energy. It's a wiki so it is free to sign up and would be a perfect place to post projects you may have done with your students.

Appropriate technology (AT) is technology that is designed with special consideration to the context of its use - including environmental, ethical, cultural, social, political, and economical aspects of the community it is intended for. With these goals in mind, AT proponents claim their methods require fewer resources, are easier to maintain, and have less of an impact on the environment compared to techniques from mainstream technology, which they contend is wasteful and environmentally polluting.

The term is usually used to describe simple technologies proponents consider suitable for use in developing nations or less developed rural areas of industrialized nations. This form of "appropriate technology" usually prefers labor-intensive solutions over capital-intensive ones, although labor-saving devices are also used where this does not mean high capital or maintenance cost. In practice, appropriate technology is often something described as using the simplest level of technology that can effectively achieve the intended purpose in a particular location. In industrialized nations, the term appropriate technology takes a different meaning, often referring to engineering that takes special consideration of its social and environmental ramifications.